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Welcome to The Boleskine Camanachd Web Site, dedicated to the ancient and traditional Highland sport of shinty in the Foyers, Stratherrick and Strathnairn area on the south shores of Loch Ness. The game of shinty is one of those highland games that has not been exported to other countries and therefore remains unique to the Highlands of Scotland.
Boleskine on the attack!
Shinty is a game of skill, endurance and determination, played on a field a little larger than a soccer field, between two teams of twelve players and is certainly not recommended for the faint of heart! A ball and stick game, the object... to score as many goals, or Hails, within the stipulated 90 minutes of a shinty match.

The rules governing the game are comprehensive, although those new to the game would not necessarily agree, given their first taste of a shinty match!
Its main appeal is the level of skill involved to control a ball which is a mere 7.5 inches in circumference with a curved stick, or Caman, at speed.

The complete rules governing the game of shinty can be found at the...The Rules of Shinty.....page. These are the up to date rules as supplied to every club under the jurisdiction of The Camanachd Association, who are the governing body and custodians of our national game. But before you rush off and delve into the rules and regulations, take some time out, to browse around our own site!
History and tradition are the key elements to shinty, if you have any connections with the Highlands of Scotland then this could give you a taste of the history, as well as the passion which surrounds shinty as we progress into the new milennium.

Boleskine currently play in the North Division 3 League.
Competitive shinty is divided into North and South leagues, each having their respective first, second and third divisions. Above these area leagues, the top ten teams in Scotland compete in the National Premier League. The next level is the National Division 1 league which is similar in structure to the Premier League. There is promotion and relegation between these two National Leagues as well as promotion and relegation to the National League Division 1. viz from the North and South First Divisions.
Promotion to the National League Division 1 is decided by a play-off between the winners of the corresponding North and South Division 1, on a home and away basis. The team relegated from the National League, returns to their respective area Division 1.

The Camanachd Cup is the 'Jewel in the Crown' of Shinty and is followed by thousands of people, throughout the globe. The national knock-out cup, it is the equivalent of the FA Cup in England or Scottish Cup in soccer terms.
Boleskine have never won the Camanachd Cup, although we did manage to reached the final in 1928!
We are a minor team in the current leagues but we have a very interesting and commendable history over the last hundred years, so we invite to.....

join us for a trip into the history of our club and the game of shinty.A majestic view of Loch Ness from Foyers Hotel

We at Boleskine have made an effort to bring you more than just club news and views, making a conscious effort to bring you items and information relating to the local area in an effort to build as interesting a site as possible, not only for local benefit but for those who may have had ties with the area many years ago. The pages dedicated to the old teams will be of particular interest to people tracing friends and relations from this area as part of a family history project.

If you find these items of interest then please feel free to pass on the web site address. There are many more photographs in the pipeline and we hope to add to this section through time, when we can prepare some background information and notes for the many photographs to which we have access.

Action, Lovat V Boleskine

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