Boleskine Shinty Club were formed through the amalgamation of Foyers and Stratherrick shinty clubs.
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Boleskine Camanachd (Shinty Club) have been in existence in one form or another for over 100 years, playing one of the traditional Highland games of shinty, or to give it it's Gaelic name, Camanachd. Initially called Stratherrick, the team played at various venues throughout the Stratherrick area, a glen which lies barely two miles to the south of the village of Foyers, running parallel with The Great Glen. A team from Foyers was formed in 1898 after the completion of The British Aluminium production works at the village in 1894. These teams ran concurrently and met to do battle on many occasions over the period leading up to the first amalgamation of these teams in the late summer of 1927. It was hoped that a local team would be produced from the amalgamation, which could take on the best in Scottish shinty. Stratherrick had been a member of the senior ranks in shinty since 1920, but without making a sustained impact on the game at national level and for a first few years of the twenties had also fielded a successful junior team. Foyers had also contested in both the senior and junior ranks, competing in the Camanachd cup for five years since 1921 and the MacTavish cup since 1920. Their junior side had been successful in the Strathdearn cup and the feeling locally was that a combination of the best players from each club, would be hard to match at any level of shinty! The resulting team was called Boleskine.
The newly formed team reached the final of the Camanachd Cup in their very first season, 1928, going down heavily to Kyles Athletic by 6 goals to 2 at Glasgow, despite leading by 2 goals to1 in the first half.  The club continued in the senior shinty ranks reaching three consecutive senior shinty finals in the early thirties. Despite this apparent strength Boleskine was technically dissolved in early 1934 when  a breakaway team called  Foyers  entered and won the Strathdearn cup . Season 34-35 Foyers reformed and rejoined the junior ranks , Stratherrick reformed in 36-37 season, both continuing to play as separate entities until the Second World War. Following the war Stratherrick and their near neighbours to the east, Strathnairn, combined to form Straths Athletic who, along with the reformed Foyers team played in Junior competitions over the next few seasons.
At the start of season 1953-54 the teams again amalgamated to form Boleskine and have competed since that date under this name. Thankfully, the team has remained as one unit and has drawn it's players from the surrounding areas covered by the individual teams.

During the eighties and into the early nineties the team were mostly made up from local players, the last generation to be born in the area when the British Aluminium or The Hydro Electric Board, brought full employment to the area. In the last few years some of the older players have been forced to retire from the game but have remained within the club structure. With this experience and dedication to the local team, they have begun to implement a youth team development policy, encouraging local youngsters to take up the sport with the aim of nurturing home grown talent. This is one of our most important tasks at the club, encouraging the development of young local talent as a constant and direct link to their local team, which we hope will be maintained in the future .

 In season 2002-2003 the club due to continual deterioration of its playing pitch, moved  from the areas traditional Shinty home since the fifties, Factory Field Foyers, to a new purpose built shinty field at Smith Park Inverarnie . For direction to Boleskines Shinty pitch , Smith Park click on MAP

The achievements.
  • MacGillivray Senior League Cup Winners; 1925 (first winners) Finalists; 1927.
  • MacTavish Cup Finalists; 1920, 1922, 1925 & 1927 .
  • Strathdearn Cup Winners; 1920 & 1922. Finalists; 1923 & 1937.
Straths Athletic;
  • MacGillivray Junior League Cup Winners; 1949 (first winners) & 1951.
  • Sir William Sutherland Cup Finalists; 1948 & 1951.
  • Strathdearn Cup Winners; 1950. Finalist 1952
  • Mactavish Juvenile Finalists 1948
  • Strathdearn Cup Winners; 1912, 1913, 1925, 1926 & 1934. Finalists; 1914 & 1924.
  • MacTavish Juvenile Cup Winners; 1923. Finalists 1922 & 1924
  • Strathdearn Juvenile Cup Finalists; 1961.
  • Strathdearn Cup Finalists ; 1927.
  • Camanachd Cup Finalists; 1928.
  • MacGillivray Senior League Finalists; 1930, 1931& 1932.
  • Strathdearn Cup Winners; 1964. Finalists; 1931, 1956, 1959, 1965, 1967, 1971 & 1972. 
  • MacGillivray Junior League Cup Winners; 1966. Finalists;1964 & 1969.
  • Sir William Sutherland Cup Winners; 1964 & 1966. Finalists 2003.
  • Dewar Shield Winners; 1971.
  • GlenMhore Cup Winners; 1990 & 1991. Finalists; 1971, 1973, 1975, 1980 & 1995 
  • League Division Four  Winners; 1991.
  • League Division Three Winners; 1998 & 2003.
  • MacTavish Juvenile Cup Finalists ; 1928 & 1957.
  • Strathdearn Juvenile Cup Winners; 1962.
  • U14 North Div 2  2004
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