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  List of trophies and winners 


Hussey Cup          

The Hussey cup was donated in 1910 approx by  Mr Arthur V Hussey a chemist with the British Aluminium Company at Foyers.  It was to be contested annually between Foyers & Stratherrick and any other team in the District should one appear. 

With two games home & away scores cumulative, in the event of a draw after both games a deciding game was to be played.

These games were so very keenly contested, with every able bodied person in the district attending the matches that one noted local referee Dan Bethune refused to do any more due to the roughness of play and for fear of his own safety.

1n 1923 it was mooted that the cup be given over to  juvenile games  with a competition involving Foyers, Stratherrick, Strathnairn, Fort Augustus and Glenurquhart  schools but this idea never happened, and in 1925 it was decided to adhere to the original concept .

In the inaugural year 1910 the scores were at Glenlia,  Stratherrick 3 Foyers 1, in the return match at Dalcrag played on a Thursday during February, the score was Stratherrick 2 Foyers 0, securing the cup for Stratherrick. 

The winners of the cup are, 1910-1912 Stratherrick, 1913 Foyers, 1921 Stratherrick .  

The cup was last played for in about 1950 approx  with Foyers winning 5-2 at  the Factory field after game at Stratherrick at Murnich which they also won to lift cup. 

The cup after being missing for nigh on seventy years was presented back to the club in September 2010  by  Dennis Emeny, and is in possession of the Club Committee 




Ledingham Cup

The cup was donated in 1911 approx by Jack Ledingham a tinsmith in Foyers to be contested by two teams, one of which consisted solely of members who had the prefix Mac in their surname -- THE MACKS.   The other team was made up of all other surnames was called-- THE NON MACKS or as their byname went locally THE CROPS.   The Leddingham cup was contested annually prior to the shinty season ,dependant on the prevalence of MACKS in the district at one time . winners of the cup as far as known were ( taken from inscription on Cup) NON MACKS 1911-20,20-32,47. MACKS 33. The last time the cup was contested for was the late forties and the MACKS were victorious

Cup currently in possession of William (Teep) Macdonald.

The Crops 1947 with Leddingham cup

Leddingham Cup


Back row :  Ralph Brown, Bertie Hardy , Jackie Fraser (Bonar), Willie Batchen Sen, George Paulin.

Middle row:  Peter Grant (the Diver), Wattie Dumbar, Jim Muir. Donny Fraser (Swallow), Willie Cooper.

Front row : Jackie Batchen, Murdo Williams ,Hugh Gray (Horner) 


The Strathnairn Camanachd Cup

This Cup was donated to the Strathnairn Camanachd Club in 1923 by W J Cameron  Flichity . Possible given at the formation of the club , as it entered  national and local cup competitions for the first time ever in 1923-24 season .  Just who contested for the cup is open to speculation, games against near neighbours Stratherrick or Strathdearn spring to mind or it could have been between two different districts of Strathnairn . By 1927 the cup was utilised for the Strathnairn games which co-incidentally were run by the Shinty club and presented to best local athlete overall in the athletic events. The trophy having been won three times by Peter Brown Glenbeg, it was withdrawn from competition and presented to Peter to mark the achievement  . It has remained in the Brown family ever since,  Peters son John who played in the Sutherland cup winning Boleskine team of 1966 is the current family custodian .

Strathnairn cup winners  c1923 possible west end of Strathnairn (Dumnaglass end)

Back row :  1               , 2                , 3 Jock Clark, 4 Cameron ,   5 Alex Fraser 6 Alister Shaw

Front row :1      , 2 Dan Maclean  3 Dan Macmillian , Tavish Cameron , Duncan Macmillian, 6  Roddy Macintosh 

Strathnairn Camanachd Cup


Jack Stuart  Sportsman Trophy

The Trophy was donated by  Jack Stuart  from Launceston Tasmania in 1962, to be awarded annually to the finest sportsman in the Boleskine team. The players picked the person deemed to be sportsman of year, the recipients as far as known are  1962-63 William Stoddart, 1963-64 Charlie Kennedy , 1964-65 Billy Mackay, 1965-66 Teep MacDonald & 1970-71 Joey Smith.

Cup currently in possession of  Joey Smith

Boleskine Challenge Cup


The Boleskine Challenge Cup was put up for competition by the Club in 1986 due to the lack of competitions for one team clubs within the Camanachd Association structure at that time. The tournament was a 12 a side one day event  five teams competing on a league basis with games of 30 minute duration. In its inaugural year the competing clubs were Boleskine, Aberdeen Camanachd, Lochcarron, Kincraig & Strathglass, this was probable the first competition in shinty involving more than two teams of 12 a side to be completed for on a single day. The cup since the mid Nineties has been contested for, against an Invited team as a normal game .


 Winners 1986,1987 Boleskine, 1988,1989,1990,1991& 1992  Kilmallie. 1993 Ballachulish, 1995,1996 & 1997  Boleskine , 1998 Lovat ,  1999 Boleskine , 2003 Strathglass, 2004 Glenurqhart, 2006 Newtonmore, 2007 Boleskine, 2008 Kinlochshiel, 2009 Kinlochshiel , 2011 Boleskine .


Boleskine  1987 Winners of the Boleskine Challenge Cup

Boleskine 1987


Back row : Alister Chisholm ( Treasurer), Jim Chisholm, Duncan Macmillian, Alister Cameron (Barns), Alan Summer,  Kenny Ross, Charlie Kennedy, Donald Forbes (President) .

Front row : Duncan MacDonald, Joey Smith, Andrew Cameron, Kevin Stewart, Billy Cameron, Ali Stoddart. 



Brian Stoddart & Donald Macgruer Memorial Cup 

The cup was presented to Boleskine Shinty Club by I.C.MacNaughton and Friends in memory of the two club stalwarts who's  deaths within a week of each other in early July 1983  was hard felt by community and Club alike.  The cup was to be contested for by the present Boleskine side against the players of the 64/66 Sutherland Cup winning teams , It was later opened up to players that had played for Boleskine against the current side



  1964/66 0   1983   6  

best player 64/66 Alf Fraser, 1983 Hendry Macpherson

1964/66 0   1984   3  

best player 64/66 Charlie Kennedy , 1984 Alister Chisholm

1964/66 3   1985  0  

best player 64/66 Charlie Kennedy , 1985 Alan Sumner

1964/66 1   1986   4  

best player 64/66 Billy Stoddart , 1986  Kevin Stewart

1964/66 3   1987   3     1987 on penalties   

best player 64/66  Kenny Ross , 1987 Eric Grant

1964/66 1   1988   4  

best player 64/66   Eddie Smith , 1988 Robert Macmillian

1964/66 6   1989   3  

best player 64/66 Donald Fraser  , 1989 Craig Fraser

1964/66 2   1990  3  

best player 64/66 Leslie Stoddart , 1990 Duncan MacDonald

1964/66 4   1991   1  

best player 64/66 Donald  Fraser , 1991 Robert Macmillian

For the next two years the cup was played in a different arrangement Foyers versus Stratherrick then it went into abeyance for ten years till 2003 when it was the contested again in its original format 

1992  Foyers 3 Stratherrick 1 ?

1993  Foyers 1 Stratherrick 2

2003  Veterans 1  Present  6 

best player Veterans   Peter Sloggie   Present  Steve Munro  

2006 Veterans 3 Present  2

best player Veterans  Duncan Macdonald    Present  Neil Fraser 

2007 Veterans 0 Present  0  Veterans 2-1 on penalties 

best player Veterans    Charlie Kennedy   Present  David Higham 

2008 Veterans 0 Present  3 

best player Veterans    Duncan Macdonald    Present  Neil Fraser 

2009 Veterans 0 Present  5 

best player Veterans    Allan Sumner    Present  Mike Pirrie 

2010 Veterans 2 Present  4 

best player Veterans   Ewen Weatherspoon    Present  Dane Macpherson 

2011 Veterans 2 Present  6 

best player Veterans    Allan Sumner    Present  Mike Pirrie 

2013 Veterans 9 Present  0

best player Veterans    Neil Robertson    Present  Mathew Ross 



Boleskine Veterans 1989 winners of Brian Stoddart & Donald Macgruer Cup 

Back row : Joey Smith, Andy Fraser, Peter Macdonald, Alister Chisholm, Hugh Fraser, Angus Maclaren, Jim Chisholm, Billy Mackay, Murray Forbes.

Front row : Donald Fraser, Kenny Cameron, Charlie Kennedy, Graham Kennedy (mascot), Eddie Smith, Kenny Ross.   




Billy Cameron Trophy    

This trophy was obtained with subscription monies raised by the Boleskine team, committee and friends of Billy Cameron who was tragically killed as the result in a car accident in Oct 1989. The Trophy was to be awarded annually to the Boleskine player of the year, with a keepsake of a tray/medal to be retained by the recipient. . The player of the year was selected from a ballot of all players who have played for Boleskine during the season.


The Winners are as follows

1990 : Andy Cameron

1991 : Alan Sumner

1992 : Joey Smith

1993 : Duncan MacDonald

1994 : Ali Cameron

1995 : Leslie Bloor

1996 : Clive Girvan

1997 : Mark Sloggie       

1998 : Ewen Ferguson 

1999 : Steve Munro

2000 : Alan Sumner

2001 : Joey Smith

2002 : Steve Munro

2003 : Michael Pirrie

2004: Garry Maclennan

2005: Keith Nicolson

2006 Graham Black

2007 Peter Tinney

2008 Mathew Ross

2009 Ian Hope

2010  Sandy Fraser

2011 Ewen Weatherspoon

2012 Dane Macpherson

2013 Ewen Fraser



Duncan Fraser Shield 


Duncan Fraserís the butcher at Queensgate Inverness, donated a shield to the club for Juvenile competition in 2003.   It was decided to be played for by the Boleskine U14 team against an invited Shinty club .


2003 Boleskine  7  Kingussie  2

2004 Boleskine 4   Beauly 0

2006 Boleskine 4   Lochbroom 0


Paul Smith Memorial Trophy's 


These trophy's were donated to Boleskine for the Juvenile player of the year by Paul family, there is a cup for each of the three age levels U12,U14& U17 which the winner receives for a year and a smaller trophy which they will keep . Paul who passed away in August 2004 had a life long association with the club, as a committee member, grounds-man, raffle organiser, but perhaps the role he was most acknowledged for and fulfilled the position so well for many years was that of goal judge. 


 U12 winner

2006  Ewen Fraser      

2007 Donnie Forbes    

2008 Hamish Stoddart

2009 Reuben Smith    

2010 Neil Hope




U14 winner

2006  Gavin Butterworth

2007  Annie Butterworth

2008  Craig Hepburn       

2009 Conner Macintyre   

2010 Douglas Weatherspoon




 U17  winner

2006 Andrew Young

2007 Sandy Fraser

2008 John Fraser

2009 Darren Macleod

2010 Ewen Fraser

2011Ewen Fraser

2012 Ewen Fraser

2013 Neil Hope








f you have any more information on these trophies, or others associated with any team from our area, please send E Mail with relevant information.


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